Authentication Standard

Our intent is to address the growing problem of counterfeit goods being bought and sold on third-party marketplaces.

Our authenticators are trained on a regular basis to provide the most accurate authentication possible. We maintain a library of media and physical items that we use to guide our experts’ determinations of authenticity of items.

Legitmark Authentication Service Fees

Current service fees are available on the Legitmark app. Legitmark reserves the right to institute, alter or amend fees or costs associated with the Services, at any time, at Legitmark’s sole discretion.

Authentication Disclaimer

Authenticated items are listed on the Site and/or the App for the purpose of helping to share identified authentic items.

Legitmark is a mobile service for authenticating new and used items. The authenticity of items is judged based upon Legitmark’s benchmark library and trained authenticators. Photos displayed on this page are taken from the user’s phone or otherwise uploaded via the Site or the App.

Legitmark, nor the independent experts affiliated with it, are endorsed by any of the brands available for authentication on Legitmark. The item(s) listed on this page have been carefully reviewed by authenticators with experience in verifying numerous brands.

Items listed on our Site or App are for purposes of demonstrating the authenticity of a good as our authenticators have previously determined.

Description of Legitmark Authentication Service

Legitmark’s independent Authenticators (“Authenticators”) will inspect a request of a photo submission by checking tags, logos, materials, quality, shape, and more as applicable.

Submitted photographs may also be used by Legitmark or its licensees as part of Legitmark’s image catalog or for any other purpose, at Legitmark’s discretion.

Submission Guidelines

Refund and Exchange Policy

Due to the nature of the authentication process, all sales are final. We accept returns for refund or exchange for authentication tags damaged in transit. You must email

Tag Attachment Policy

Tag attachment is an important aspect in the authentication process. We require you to attach your tag to a prememenate place on either sneaker to ensure the tag may not be removed during the authentication process. Due to the nature of the Legitmark Authentication Tag, once it has been attached, it cannot be removed without damage. Legitmark allows one (1) tag replacement per customer per year in the case that the tag has been attached incorrectly and must be replaced.

We also require that the tag be fully attached to the item where the end of the tag is at least two (2) inches or five (5) centimeters exposed from the base of the authentication tag.

For more information about proper tag attachment, please contact support through the Legitmark app or at support@legitmark.com.

Privacy Policy

Legitmark’s privacy policy may be viewed at www.legitmark.com/privacy.

Terms of Use

Legitmark’s terms of use may be viewed at www.legitmark.com/terms.

Contact Information

To ask questions or comment about our policies, contact us at: support@legitmark.com.